Our Mission

Tasting Merchants is the farmers market of the wine world. We seek out the best vintners in America and build lasting relationships. Our handcrafted wines are farmed naturally and produced in small batches to ensure high quality and complex flavors. We taste and curate every selection to ensure you only receive top rated wines which are rarely found in stores. Your support of these small wineries helps our vintners live their dreams of producing outstanding wine.

What Makes Our Wines So Special

Naturally Farmed

Our vintners are farmers first and foremost and believe in treating Mother Nature with respect. Great wines can only be made from great grapes so a truly great wine is crafted in the vineyard, not the cellar. Minimal intervention is the key to healthy grapes and working with the climate and nature instead of against it. Certifications are very expensive for small wineries, so our wines are not always officially certified organic or bio-dynamic, but know our vintners still follow many of these practices.

Hand Picked

Making wine is a very physical job and picking grapes can be painstaking. It would be easy to hire a machine to do the work, but making great wine should not be easy to do. Most grapes are best when picked early in the mornings so our vintners are usually out as early as 2:00 AM for harvest. A machine would pick all grapes, including the unripe ones, so handpicking ensures only the ripest and most flavorful grapes make it into the bottle. Back at the winery, the grapes are hand sorted for extra quality control.

Small Batch

One of the most mesmerizing discoveries during the winemaking process is that each barrel’s wine tastes different. No two are ever the same and usually a few stand out from the rest. In commercial mass production winemaking, the barrels are blending together to average out the flavor. Small batch winemaking ensures only the top barrels are selected for the final blend. Winemakers often sell poor-quality barrels of wine to the ‘bulk market’ for boxed wine to ensure they do not diminish the final product they bottle.

Expertly Curated

Our team of wine industry veterans researches, visits wineries, and tastes countless bottles to find the best. We hold tastings with a team of wine geeks and everyday consumers to ensure our wines excite everyone from professional sommeliers to self-proclaimed “newbies” looking for a bottle for Wednesday night’s dinner. We only sell wines our team would purchase themselves. We don’t sell wines that need to be cleared from a winery’s inventory, we select wines for one reason: they are absolutely delicious.

Limited Distribution

By nature of being small batch, there is only so much of these outstanding wines to go around. Only a couple hundred cases were produced of many of the wines we offer; therefore, it is rare you will find our selections in your local stores. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have established with these wineries to ensure we secure an allocation of their production and can make these wines available to you. Our exclusive portfolio allows you to discover small batch wines you would normally not have access to.

Absolutely Delicious

At the end of the day, the most important quality in any wine is how it tastes. No matter the origin, unique story, or production methods, wine has to taste good! Our number one priority is to find wine that you would want to drink on a daily basis and can be proud to share with your family and friends. We recognize that everyone has individual tastes so we offer a diverse portfolio that is sure to please even the most discerning palates. Remember, wine is a beverage so try not to overthink it. Sit back and enjoy!

Be A Part Of The Journey

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